The Canaries

Canary Faces

BJ Scanlon

Cons: Lacking boundaries and aesthetics, he manipulates through insidious arrogance interspersed with manic episodes in order to validate his own self worth.
Pros: Cold, direct wit. A good beard.

Jeff Andrews

Cons: A delusional narcissist who feigns apathy, but when provoked reverts to juvenile tendencies humoring his own lust for control.
Pros: Farcical, sinister energy. A good beard.

Megan Mack

Cons: A self-loathing workaholic, she suppresses genuine emotion to avoid intimate, human relationships in order to sustain her comfortable unhappiness.
Pros: Frank, dogged commitment. A good beard.

Tech Director, Keith Handy

In Memorium…

Angela Prodrick (2011-2015)

Shawn Gray (2014-2014)

Pete Byrne (2013-2013)

Sean Miller (2012-2012)

Kirk Stevens (2011-2012)

Past Special Guests…

John Forrest Thompson

Law Tarello

Beth Winslow-D’Amico

Marc D’Amico

Abby DeVuyst

Andrea Springer